Posted by : Choithram School Wednesday, 4 November 2015


CBSE-i Art Activity

The students of Grade 1 to 8 of CBSE-i (International Curriculum) under the supervision of their Visual Arts teacher Ms. Nidhi Jain, transformed recycled material it into eye – catching items.The students showcased their creativity in the form of clay models, pen stands, pendants using paper mache clay, decorative file covers using jute and handmade sheets, paper flowers using sticks, old newspapers, paper plates, decorative earthen lamps (diyas) using spoilt ones.
The wall hangings using newspapers and mirrors, rangoli using old transparencies and decorative material, mandanas using old sunpack sheet and decorative material, lanterns using reused colourful sheets and satin ribbon, paintings using jute, handmade sheets and old cards lying waste at home, baskets using clay, cardboard, ceramic cones and mirrors, torans using waste jute, used sheets, posters and beads were made keeping in mind the oncoming season of Diwali, the most important festival of Hindus in India.
They also made silver boxes using silver foil and old boxes, crayon stands using disposable cups, bead material, flower pots using old bottles and spray colours, coconut and stone show pieces by using coconut husk, stones and clay, candles using old ones with stand. The spare and old newspapers were turned into beautiful envelopes and paper bags and cloth bags were also made using old curtain cloth and wooden sticks.

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