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Art & Craft Activities

Ms. Preeti Yadav of Junior School demonstrated in front of grade 2 students the different ways of making creative neckpieces using recycled material like old wedding cards and CD’s of 7cm diameter from June 18. 2016. The students brought decorative articles such as kundans, pearls, colourful gemstones and embellished the neckpieces using these. The students who could not bring the decorative articles from home were provided the same from school. This is how they gave a new, useful and beautiful life to an otherwise discarded object and played their part in contributing towards a noble cause. 

Grade 1

The tiny toddlers of class I created alluring hanging photo frames using old compact discs and satin ribbons after learning the same from their teachers. Taking CD as the base, they made the frame using craft papers and decorated it beautifully using paper cuttings and flowers.


Grade 2

Creative Club Activities

In order to make children aware of uses of waste material and to give them a lesson on reducing waste to save our future, Ms. Amita Lalwani and Ms. Yashashri Lole of the Junior School demonstrated in front of students of grade 3, 4 and 5 different ways to make Decorative Wall Stickers (from X-ray sheets), Pen Stands / Flower Vases (from recycled bottles), Cloth Bags (from old T-shirts) respectively from June 18, 2016. Subsequently the students prepared these items in the Creative Club periods in the month of June and July 2016.

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

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