Posted by : Choithram School Saturday, 20 August 2016

Selling Junior School Handicrafts and Compost

The ‘School Enterprise Challenge’ an initiative of UK based NGO ‘Teach a Man to Fish’ organization is a great platform to hone the entrepreneurial skills of students.
Our business team comprising of class XI and XII students put their best foot forward in the second fund raising event on Saturday, August 20,2016 in the school campus where we sold handmade pen stands, wall stickers, cloth bags and organic compost. The products were sold at nominal prices to our customers, mainly parents and teachers. Captivating handicrafts were made by students of grade 3, 4 and 5 in their activity periods. The products were mainly made by waste material found at home and in school, a part of our environmental initiative. We received great response and most of the products were sold out. Through this fund raising event we could come close to actual business and marketing  environment. While selling the goods, jobs of salesmanship and marketing polished our managerial and communication skills. We told our customers about our enterprise ‘Good Earth’ and were frequently appreciated for the social service and the noble cause. In the end we calculated our profits. We felt rewarded for all our gains which will be used for setting up a library in the orphanage and providing musical instruments to the visually handicapped people. It was indeed a great experience for me and it opened my vision towards entrepreneurship.
Nutan Keswani
Grade 12 F  


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