Posted by : Choithram School Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Selling Junior School Handicrafts

School Enterprise Challenge is an initiative through which the members of the business team are able to inculcate entrepreneurial and innovative skills in our school by selling products made from waste and recyclable materials at nominal prices,profits of which go for a noble cause. In the Fundraising Event on October 26, 2016 during the PTM (Parent Teacher Meeting) of Nursery to grade 1,we sold decorated earthen lamps and show piece (kalash for pooja thali)prepared by students of Junior &Senior Montessori as well as grade 1during their class activity periods. Mr. Armando Basile, a pedaling legend from Italy who visited the event was impressed with the philanthropic endeavour of the school. We also displayed the lampshades,earrings,hair clips and bangles that were left over from the Fundraising Event of the Senior School.The parents were enthused by the embellished products put up for sale for the occasion of Diwali. Such activities help the students in developing marketing and financing competencies and make them future ready as well as give them practical exposure on how to maintain public relations.

Shivali Gupta
Manager – Human Resources
Grade 12 D

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