Posted by : Choithram School Thursday, 24 August 2017

Art & Craft Activities
Grade 1

The tiny toddlers of grade 1 created alluring fridge magnets in their art and craft periods. The little hands used old match boxes, craft paper and old stickers of their cartoon characters or cut out these characters from their old books/magazines to create these magnets in vibrant colours

Grade 2
The students of grade 2 made exercise balls with the help of coloured balloons and sand. These balls would be very effective for palm and finger exercises for the young and the old. 

Grade 3
Grade 3 studentsdecorated old matkisbrought from home before the advent of Janamashtami, an important Hindu festival celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna

Grade 4
Students of grade 4 made beautiful scarves and handkerchiefs from old cloth brought from home using the process of Tie and Dye. They folded the cloth, tied it with a string and with the help of their Visual Art teachers soaked these cloth pieces in the tie and dyecolours. After the cloth pieces dried within few days, they opened the thread and now their colourful cloth pieces were ready to be sold.

Grade 5
To add beauty to the walls the students of grade 5 prepared Decorative Wall Stickers in the shape of butterflies from old X-Ray sheets and OHP sheets. 

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