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School Enterprise Challenge Provides a Platform to Schools to Come Together

To enrich our learning about business enterprises of other schools, we invited M. L. Khanna D.A.V. School of Dwarka, New Delhi to visit our school to meet students of our business team and to mutually benefit from each other’s business. The core business team comprising of six girl students and two teachers – Ms. Divya Sharma, Lead Teacher of SEC and Ms. Jyotsana Gulati of M. L. Khanna D.A.V. School visited our school from December 27 to 29, 2018.

The enthusiastic students of M. L. Khanna D.A.V. School enlightened the students and staff members of our school in the morning assembly on December 28, 2019 about their school and business enterprise run under the banner of ‘Sanjeevani – Embracing Life’. Through a mesmerizing musical performance, they highlighted the environmental problems being faced in the capital city and their bit towards safeguarding the environment.

This was followed by an interactive session between business teams of both the schools. The session threw light on the functioning of enterprises run by both the schools. We were amazed with their ‘marketing strategies’ and how they create opportunities rather than finding them. They believed in having the ‘need of the hour’ products. We found their innovative ideas of using scrap wood to make ‘Bird Houses’ and to use crop waste to grow ‘Mushrooms’ remarkable. On the other hand, the students of M. L. Khanna D. A. V. School were profoundly inspired by our campus company. They were motivated by our idea of putting theory into practice by selling customised T-shirts, key chains etc. They also appreciated our approach of ‘polythene free’ campus wherein we exchange cloth bags with polythene bags in case we find customers and visitors using the latter. They were also content to note our scheme of low prices for our products. We also appreciated their idea of making ‘plastic extinct’ by creating a dinosaur of metallic wires and putting the plastic bottles in that dinosaur. Our business team members were glad to receive artistic jute bags painted by the students of M. L. Khanna D. A. V. School.

Some more features that we learnt about their enterprise are as follows:

·       They also make seed bombs which are basically seeds of native varieties of trees, compost, husk and clay ball of seeds which have been lying around. They add manures and fertilizers in them to make them grow. This is an initiative to spread greenery on Mother Earth by converting barren areas into green belts.
·       They have a paper crushing machine in their school which has been provided to them by the government. They use papers of old copies and the waste from their office to change paper into paper pulp and make various handicrafts with it.
·       During the time of Vana Mahotsava they distribute free saplings towards creating a greener and pollution free environment.
·       They have a wide range of products which includes jute bags, dog shelters, vermi-compost etc.
·       They have a wide range of customers and often arrange fairs outside the school – in their townships, malls (Reliance Mall), other schools (like American Embassy), stadiums (like Talkatora Stadium) to increase their sales.
·       They also approach shopkeepers during festive seasons and request them to sell their products.
·       Members of Production and Designing team shared their knowledge with 18 other schools of Dwarka. Waste paper and clay used to design sculptures that can be used to enhance aesthetics of our surroundings.
·       The most extraordinary thing about their business team is that they don’t have recruits from grade 11 and 12 but only from the grade 6 to 10 because of academic pressure. However, they do take the advice of grade 11 and 12 in financial matters.
·       From their busy schedule, they are taking time to mentor another DAV School as a part of Buddy Initiative

The session was highly informative and educative for both the schools. After that, they were taken to the backyard where they witnessed the packing of compost, a product of our enterprise by the Eco Club students. They also tried their hands in weighing 1 kg of compost with the help of  the weighing machine and packing it in the newspaper bag placed in the brown paper bag. The Eco Club students then invited them to plant saplings in the earthen pots. 

On December 29, 2018, they learnt how to make few handicrafts that we make for our business enterprise from our Visual Art teachers. They made photo-frames from colourful rubber sheets and flowers from duplex paper of different hues. While learning Gond art of Madhya Pradesh, the tribal art of our state, they used their creativity in coming up with exquisite designs. The session ended with the students learning a folk song of our state.

We all were fortunate to know and learn from the young but exceptional students of M. L. Khanna D.A.V. School and will try our best to put this learning into execution.

Jyeshtha Mishra
Grade 11 E

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