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Skype Session With Arjun Boarding High School, Gulmi, Nepal

Skype Session With Arjun Boarding High School, Gulmi, Nepal

In order to establish an informative and valuable connection with different schools around the globe, the students of the business team of ‘Good Earth’ attended a skype session with Arjun Boarding High School, Nepal on September 9, 2019. The session was conducted under the supervision of lead teachers of both the schools, viz. Mrs. Raminder Mac of our school and Mr. Sudeep K. C. of Arjun Boarding High School, Nepal.
The session began with our General Manager Jyeshtha Mishra briefing the students of Arjun Boarding High School about our enterprise. Thereafter, the students of Arjun Boarding School asked us questions about the products we sell, the price range of the products, the challenges we face, selection procedure of the new members and the profits earned by us. The students from Nepal then also explained about their business which helped us to discover the following aspects of their enterprise:
·       Their enterprise is run under the banner of ‘Student’s CafĂ©’.
·       They make and sell breakfast and lunch in their school which includes pancakes, burgers, momos , cold drinks etc. as their products on a daily basis.
·       They sell their products inside and just outside their school. The left-over food is given to an orphanage as charity and also to avoid wastage.
·       Their food price ranges from NR 20 – NR 250.
·       Their enterprise comprises of Cooking department, Finance department, Helping hand department and Marketing department.
·       The students in each department are recruited according to their capabilities. Orientation and training sessions are then followed.
·       The enterprise comprises of students from grade 8 and 9.
·       The challenge faced by the students is that they sometimes find their business risky to run because of several factors like:

          .  running out of raw material
           . taking long time to process orders
       . their food products may or may not be according to the taste and preference of the customersbecause they are doing it for the first time and lack experience in cooking.
·       In order to overcome the above challenges they try to seek feedback from the customers.
·       To sustain their enterprise, the students also contribute in cash in their enterprise.
·       The students rotate their shifts to prevent loss of studies.
We learned that even after not generating a substantial amount of profit from their enterprise the young and dynamic students of Arjun Boarding High School are still having optimistic approach towards their business and are keen to work hard and learn more. We were also amazed to see the confidence in the students and to take initiative in answering the questions.
We were pleased to speak to the students of Arjun Boarding School, Nepal and look forward to have more such sessions in the future
Avni Parmar        

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