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Webinar on Effective Questioning

Delivered by India Jankel, Senior Programme Officer, SEC, UK
Raminder Mac, Lead Teacher of our business enterprise ‘Good Earth’ attended a webinar organized by School Enterprise Challenge, UK on May 19, 2020. The webinar was attended by 120 educators from all over the globe and delivered by India Jankel, Senior Programme Officer, SEC, UK. The webinar focused on the following key areas:
·        Bring on the Learning Revolution Video – TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson
·        The Education System Then and Now
·        The Learning Journey and Teachers as Facilitators
·        Experiential Learning Through School Enterprise Challenge
·        Effective Learning Reflection Questions – For Learners and Teachers
·        Experiential Learning Activity – Building the Tallest Tower
Round 1: Working individually to build one tower together
                 Not allowed to communicate
Round 2: Small teams, building one tower per team
                       Allowed to communicate
Round 3: One big team building one big tower together
                      Allowed to communicate

Meetings Conducted by Department Heads


On Sunday, May 03, 2020 all Department Heads of our enterprise 'Good Earth' conducted a meeting with their respective team members. The purpose of the meeting was to brainstorm some fun, creative and fruitful activities for the E-summit to be conducted on the occasion of World Environment Day. The session served its purpose as all members enthusiastically participated in the discussions and came up with some ‘out of the box’ ideas. Moreover, being the first meeting, it helped everyone to know each other better and work together as a team for future endeavours.

Nandini Bhachawat                                                                                            
Grade 12 B    
Head – Media Relations Department

Webinar on 'Supporting Students to Become Problem Solvers'

Delivered by Christophe Walder, Programme Officer, SEC, UK

Raminder Mac, Lead Teacher of our business enterprise ‘Good Earth’ attended a webinar organized by School Enterprise Challenge, UK on May 1, 2020. The webinar was attended by educators from all over the globe and delivered by Christophe Walder, Programme Officer, SEC, UK. The webinar focused on the following key areas:
·       Recap of Webinar 1: What is Growth Mindset and why is it important
·       Recap of Webinar 2: Supporting Students to Learn From Mistakes
·       Students Becoming Problem Solvers: Teachers watched an inspirational video and participated in an interactive game. Through the interactive game, the teachers realized that all answers were correct as everyone could have a different perspective towards the problem.
·       How School Enterprise Challenge can create an environment in which students can become problem solvers as it is a student led programme, students are faced with real-life challenges which are relevant for life after school

·       Practical Tool 1: The 5 Whys

·       Practical Tool 2: The Dilemma Protocol

Philanthropic Endeavour - Gifting PPE Kits

Gifting PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Kits

With the COVID-19 pandemic grappling the world, staff members and students of our school stepped forward to make their contribution as responsible citizens. The staff members contributed one day’s salary (INR 1,86,000) while the students of Good Earth Enterprise (run under School Enterprise Challenge, UK based charity Teach a Man to Fish) contributed INR 42,000 from the fundraising events of the enterprise. To show gratitude to the corona warriors, the school presented 350 PPE Kits (Personal Protective Equipment) worth INR 2,28,000 to the Chief Medical Health Officer on May 1, 2020. The school realizes that every small drop in the ocean can have a ripple effect on the ocean and the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.
Given Below is the Detailed Report Written by Rudransh Kantharia of Grade 12, Member of Media Relations Department in This Context
Under the aegis of School Enterprise Challenge, our school administers a business enterprise christened "Good Earth", with the motive to ensure environment sustainability, while concurrently endeavouring to lay the foundation of a developed community. Our business venture merchandises in an array of products ranging from saplings, compost made from organic wastes to ornate handicrafts. The students from Nursery to Grade-12 engage themselves in this noble pursuit, and come up with unique and eco-friendly trailblazing ideas.  Adhering to the 3 R's principle, our products such as Ganesha idols, earthen lamps, paintings, wall hangings, jute bags and paper weights are made from waste materials.
We are keen on advocating the notion that it’s the 'people' and the 'communities' that are the most integral aspect of a nation, the torchbearers of tomorrow and essentially a paragon human resource. As a result, profits collected through various fundraising events such as Parent-Teacher Meetings are utilised in community outreach projects, such as setting up libraries in government schools, donating geysers to old age homes, solar lamps to a village and investing in a skill development centre at the school.
Continuing this legacy of magnanimity and philanthrophy we have donated 350 PPE kits to the Chief Medical Health Officer, Indore in order to fight this pandemic. Doctors, professionals and the government are putting their best foot forward. This is a small way to show our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for their diligent and relentless efforts. In these dire circumstances, all of us should stay united, optimistic and indeed, a scintilla of hope will follow. As responsible citizens, it is our chief responsibility to abide by the WHO guidelines.

Elevator Pitch Activity - Script


With their sweet fragrance and beautiful looks, a bouquet of flowers makes a perfect gift for your loved ones.
Whether it is a gloomy day or a joyous occasion, flowers are the perfect choice.
Don’t you wish your garden to be filled with these beautiful creations of God?
But how is that possible if your garden looks like a gloomy mid-winter evening?
We have the perfect solution!
The organic compost that we make from dry leaves and sell at Good Earth will provide your soil with much needed nutrients like nitrogen and potassium and your dream won’t seem so far away.
The eco-friendly compost available only for Rs. 30 per kg, can fill your garden with colourful and gorgeous flowers!
So are you ready to be the owner of a picturesque and a dreamy garden?
Dhruvi Nagpal
Grade 12

Here, I present you a propitious business deal,
Vending nifty and ornate handicrafts will verily cajole you with my spiel.
Our dexterous youngsters produce an array of craftwork commodities,
 And I am here to promulgate our special product at modest prices
(Rs. 20 per piece)
That will inevitably obviate you from probable diseconomies.
Purchasing Decorative Earthen Lamps from ‘Good Earth’ Enterprise
Will make your Event Management Company’s profit rise!
Ranging from splendent colors and glitters to intricate motifs,
Our earthen lamps are adorned with glass beads, gimcracks and appliqu├ęs.
For making your events like a Festival of Lights we proffer our glimmering Earthen Lamps,
We are here to safeguard the environment with an ecological stance;
Eco-friendly and sustainable are our Earthen Lamps,
Exhibiting these lamps in your events will bring a broad grin that your attendees’ face will display; glance!
Conveyance, craftsmanship and personalised products you will definitely get,
The goodwill of our clientele is the most significant asset.
Accessible and expedient to customers is our Good Earth Enterprise,
In the sprawling and lush-green campus of Choithram School is where it lies…

Rudransh Kantharia
Grade 12

Would you like to buy a pen holder which is eco-friendly?
The ones available in the market are all made of plastic. Plastic as you know is not environment friendly.
So our enterprise Good Earth has come up with a pen holder that is made from recycled paper. Priced at only Rs. 50 per piece, it is very cheap.
Moreover, it is durable and cannot be broken easily.
It is also light weight so you can carry it anywhere.
It is 100% eco-friendly and can easily be reused and recycled.
So would you like to buy one and contribute your bit towards the environment?
Aditya Gupta
Grade 10


Confort presents an exquisite handcrafted home linen range which delivers heritage wrapped in style.

Mixing traditional art and colours, our product will lend a distinctive identity and uniqueness to your living room.

Crafted from linen, these cushion covers are easy to wash and can also be used as house-warming gifts for your dear ones.

These covers will surely lend a charismatic appeal to your living room.

So, are you willing to enhance the interiors of your living room by investing in these cushion covers priced only at Rupees 200 a pair?

Yagya Asrani
Grade 10

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