Posted by : Choithram School Saturday, 20 June 2015

Handy Handicrafts Organization (H2O)
Kindling Sensitivity Towards the Environment
We have a lot of material in the school which will be reused like old newspapers, used notebooks, used charts, waste cardboards, old book covers, used paper plates, disposable spoons, disposable glasses, old pens, old refills, old CDs, used toothpicks, used matchsticks, dry stem of plants, leaves, seeds of various fruits, old curtains, old table covers, used foil paper, old jute rope, waste plastic bottles, old strings and many more things.  This material will help us in starting our handicrafts business ‘Handy Handicrafts Organization – H2O’using the concept of ‘best out of waste’.
The students of Nursery to 12 will be involved in multifarious activities which will sensitize them towards environmental issues and enable them to imbibe the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in their daily life. As a part of this activity, we will be creating handicraft products in the school during the Art periods and sell it to parents and teachers of the school.
Participation in this contest will entail many benefits to the students viz. will help them to become business leaders of the future, teach them real life skills in a practical and fun way, enable them to safeguard the environment as well as help the school in getting  international recognition as an ‘entrepreneurial school’.
Business team comprising of students of grade 11 and 12 will run the enterprise independently taking care of all the aspects viz., financial, marketing and sales, human resources and production.  Eco Club students of grade 9 and 10 will render their services in production of compost on a voluntary basis which will be sold to raise funds for start-up capital.
Students of Nursery to grade 10 will participate in intra-class, inter-class and inter-house events pertaining to ‘best out of waste’ activities and make handicrafts from recycled material during their Art periods. Participation of grade 11 and 12 in these activities would be optional. The best products would be selected for sale.
In addition, the business team will be engaged in fundraising by setting up stalls during PTMs of Nursery to grade 12.
We would use the profits to help our partner school Bwafwano School in Zambia. The proceeds would be given to The School Council of Bwafwano School, Zambia to decide how they could best use the money towards the School Feeding Programme. Children attending this school come from vulnerable backgrounds and for many, the school meal is their only meal of the day.


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