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                                                           ABOUT OUR SCHOOL
                                          CHOITHRAM SCHOOL , INDORE (INDIA)

One of the premier most institutions for school level education in central India, Choithram School, ManikBagh, Indore (India) was established in 1972. It has a well-maintained campus of 24 acres with two separate buildings for junior and senior students, playgrounds and separate hostels for girls and boys.3000 students of 3 to 17 years of age, tutored by 200 teachers study in this CBSE affiliated school from Nursery to grade 12. There are 200 students studying in the CBSE-international curriculum of the school from Nursery to grade 8. The campus has a separate hostel for boys and girls with all the necessary modern amenities housing 120 boys and 64 girls respectively. 

The school has lush green environment with adequate facilities for its students to play and flourish in a peaceful and unpolluted atmosphere. ‘Clean Choithram Green Choithram’ is the message imbibed by every child since the beginning of their academic life here. 

Many green practices like sewage treatment plant, water recharging pit, solar panels are prevalent in the school.  The Eco club of the school provides a plethora of activities to sensitize the children, the future generations to safeguard the environment and enable them to move towards a greener tomorrow.  Awareness campaigns are conducted in school for saving resources like water, electricity and paper. The students and teachers imbibe the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle for practising sustainable behaviour in real life situations.

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