Posted by : Choithram School Saturday, 26 September 2015

Our Logo
Designed by Nandini Bhachawat, Grade 7 
Our Logo is H2O which is the acronym of ‘Handy Handicrafts Organization’,the name of our school enterprise. H2O as we all know is the symbol of water. Water is the ‘elixir of life’ epitomizing purity, divinity and preciousness. For humans the source of all life is the Mother Goddess Earth from whose underground womb all living creatures are born. The Mother Goddess Earth can give or take life and renew herself in the eternal cycle of seasons and water, from death to rebirth. Similarly, our business enterprise Handy Handicrafts Organization focuses on recycling the waste on this planet, the Mother Goddess Earth and ‘turning the planet’s waste into best’ making it an eternal cycle of reduce, reuse and recycle. A mélange of handicrafts - radiant, colourful and aesthetic, revealing the creativity of the students will be produced in this process.


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