Posted by : Choithram School Monday, 12 October 2015

Selling Paper Weights

The students of grade 6 to 8 prepared paper weights during their Eco Club and Community Service Activity periods in the month of September 2015. The idols were prepared keeping in mind their utility. They were prepared out of stones and were colourfullydecorated with pictures.
We decided to sell the paper weights to students and teachers of the school on October 5 and 6, 2015 during the short break time (15 minutes duration).  Before selling an announcement was made in the morning assembly informing everybody about the fundraising event.  Knowing that the profits were going to be used for the Feeding Programme of our partner school in Zambia, students and teachers came in large numbers and bought the idols during the short break time.
Members of our business team responded in the following manner:
‘We learnt to deal with customers patiently!’ – Suvidhi Kothari
‘We learnt to convince customers about our product!’ – NiharAnand

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