Posted by : Choithram School Friday, 15 April 2016

Eco Club Activity

Nothing is wasted in Nature. This simple truth was convincingly demonstrated by Eco Club members of grade 9 and 10 during the month of April 2015. As a part of our business enterprise ‘Good Earth’, we have decided to diversify our business by preparing compost from the dry leaves lying scattered in the school campus. An empty pit is already available in the school campus. Dry leaves in the school premises were collected and put in the pit. The students took special care to remove plastic materials, polythene, metallic objects and other harmful substances when collecting the waste. The compost will take four months to prepare and will be used in the earthen plants for planting saplings and flower cuttings. Getting hands-on-experience, the students also realized the dignity of labour.

Grade 10 A

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