Posted by : Choithram School Sunday, 15 May 2016

Kindling Sensitivity Towards the Environment
After receiving the ‘Award for Special Recognition in the Business Plan’ category last year, we started working on the growth and diversification of our business with aplomb.We decided to continue with our handicrafts business of making products from waste material. Apart from this, the students will also be making jewellery items, cloth/jute bags in the school during their Art and Club Activity periods from recycled material. Students of Nursery to grade 10 will be involved in making handicrafts, jewellery items, cloth/jute bags which will sensitize them towards environmental issues and enable them to imbibe the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in their daily life.
In addition we have decided to diversify our business by preparing compost in the school from dry leaves lying scattered in the school campus as well as planting saplings and flower cuttings from the seeds of trees in the school campus. Eco Club students of grade 6 to 10 will render their services in production of compost as well as planting saplings and flower cuttings in earthen pots.
Business team comprising of students of grade 11 and 12 will run the enterprise independently taking care of all the aspects viz., financial, marketing and sales, human resources and production. They will be engaged in various Fundraising events during the PTMs of different classes during the period July – October 2016.
We would use the profits for a philanthropic cause. We plan to establish a library in ‘BahuUdeshyaSevaSamiti, an orphanage housing children aged 3 to 18 years, gift musical instruments to visually handicapped students of ‘YatnaYuvaSankalp’ aged 14 to 17 years, gift school bags to NGO ‘Souls for Slims Charitable Society’ and donate solar lamps to the villagers of Harniyakhedi village who suffer from erratic power supply from the profits generated.


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