Posted by : Choithram School Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Eco Club Activity

‘We have not inherited the earth from our forefathers, we have borrowed it from our children.’ Planting saplings is a harbinger of prosperity as they would let our coming generations lead a healthy life. Keeping this in mind, Eco Club members of grade 9 and 10 planted saplings from stem cuttings and flower cuttings in small earthen pots on July 30, 2016. As a part of our business enterprise ‘Good Earth’, we have decided to diversify our business by planting saplings from the plants growing in the school campus. We used the compost prepared in the school by the Eco Club during the previous session for planting the saplings. We will be watering the saplings on a daily basis as well as have placed the pots in an open area so that they are provided water of the rainfall too. The saplings will be ready for the Fundraising event in the month of September, 2016. The activity brought all of us closer to nature and we realized that we must pay meticulous attention for the nurture, protection and growth of these saplings too. The saplings that we have planted from stem cuttings and flower cuttings are:
·         Eryanthemum
·         Hibiscus
·         Acalypha
·         Aralia
·         Son of India
·         Tulsi
·         Money plant
·         Hemalia
·         Cassia Biflora
·         Croton

Kavya Shah
Grade 10 B

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