Posted by : Choithram School Friday, 28 October 2016

Selling CBSE-iHandicrafts

The Fundraising Event of School Enterprise Challenge was organized in CBSE-i (International Curriculum) during the PTM of Grade 1 to 5 on October 28, 2016.  A display of beautiful festive handicrafts made by the students of various grades during their Visual Arts periods was put up for sale. The products that were presented during the Fundraising Event were showpiece items, brush pencil holders, envelopes, decorated diyas as well as jewellery items like bangles, ear-rings, and hand bags. The students of Grade 11 and 12 showed their aptitude and adroitness while selling the handicrafts to the parents and teachers. The students enhanced their marketing skills as well as their communication skills. At the same time we tried to manage waste, used our resources judiciously, and tried to bring awareness among people to protect the environment.
Anshika Bhargava 
Grade 11 D

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