Posted by : Choithram School Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Our girls of Choithram School, ManikBagh (Indore)are engaged in all the areas of running the school enterprise ‘Good Earth’ which focuses on recycling the waste on the planet earth and making the earth a good place to live in. We make handicrafts from recycled material, prepare compost from dry leaves and plant saplings from flower cuttings as a part of our school enterprise. Right from brainstorming sessions to collecting dry leaves in the school campus, planting saplings in the earthen pots, creating a mélange of creative handicrafts from recycled material, putting of ‘Good Earth’ tags, selling of products, managing finances and writing the final report,our girls take the lead. We believe they are the change agents, the harbingers of tomorrow and can definitely bring about a change.#SECgirls2016

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