Posted by : Choithram School Thursday, 27 October 2016

Selling Junior School Handicrafts

The School Enterprise Challenge gives a platform to the students to learn managerial, marketing and entrepreneurial skills as well as plays a vital role in bringing them closer to mother earth. In the Fundraising Event on October 27, 2016 during the PTM of students of grade 2 to 5, we displayed different handmade products made from recycled material (ear-rings, exercise balls, brush pencil holders and envelopes)by students of these classes during their Art & Craft periods as well as Club activity periods.  We also sold products that were left over from the Fundraising Events of Senior School and Junior School. The members of the business team gained confidence and polished their communication skills while selling the products to the parents and teachers. The parents appreciated the efforts of the school in reaching out to the community and making the students understand sustainable issues. 

Jayanti Bhutda
Grade 11 F

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