Posted by : Choithram School Saturday, 2 September 2017

Designed by Nandini Bhachawat, Grade 8

Our logo is Good Earth, the name of our business enterprise that helps us establish a strong bond with the mother earth. We make all handicrafts from recycled material, compost from dry leaves scattered in the school campus without any use of fertilizers and grow saplings from flower and stem cuttings of the trees in the school campus.
 We  make every item with our own hands, without using any gadget or machine,thereby  causing no  harm  to the environment. We try our  best in 'turning the planet's waste into best'  making it an eternal cycle of reduce,reuse and recycle.

We made an announcement in the morning assembly for every day for a week asking the students of grade 6 to 12 to submit creative logos representing the essence of our enterprise ‘Good Earth’. We then selected the one designed by NandiniBhachawat of grade 9.


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