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                     ‘Thoughts differ, so do ideas as well as their implementation!’

During the brainstorming session amongst the business team members to discuss what motivated us to participate in the school business, there was a consensus amongst everyone that the School Enterprise Challenge was a wonderful opportunity to groom ourselves and develop various skills that will practically help us in life.’

Students unanimously believe that it is their selfless contribution and reaching out to the people of lower strata that keeps them motivated. In this context HR Manager Anshika Bhargava says ‘We are working for the cause of the children of ‘lesser God’ and seeing their smiling faces is so blissful!’ 

According to Finance Manager Aastha Vijaywargiya,‘It is all about self-satisfaction which keeps me motivated.Whenever I see a customer going back happily, smiling with our products I feel more motivated. Positive reviews are what make me do more for the enterprise.’

Kavya Shah of grade 11 feels it is a pleasure to interact with the parents who buy our products keeping their faith in us alive.

The General Manager of our team, Chelsea Sawlani feels motivated to participate in an international contest and says, ‘SEC has enabled us to transcend boundaries and realize the essence of the ‘world being a family’.’ 

Charul Lunia of grade 11 says, ‘Having a great sense of saving the environment and doing something for the planet motivates me.’ 

Nikita Soni of grade 11 says ‘The biggest motivation for me has been to see the children from an orphanage learning art work from us. That was the time I realized how important it is to give back to the society.’ 

At the personal front, being a part of the school business has motivated me to pursue online business of handicrafts after college.

Anshika Bhargava, HR Manager voicing her opinion about student motivation

Purva Bhardwaj, Production Manager writing the opinions elucidated by the team members about student motivation

What we are, what we achieve and what we believe in is due to our teamwork and togethernesss!’ 

We as team firmly believe that supporting each other as well as sharing ideas with each other, makes us maintain a friendly atmosphere and motivates a healthy environment in the team.Respecting each other’s’ ideas and giving opportunity to each other helps everyone to blossom.

We respect the views of all team members

Running any organization is all about solving problems about the business which is majorly done through co-operation between all the managers and their respective team members. In our team managers act as the role models for the juniors, appreciating their efforts and there is no dominance by them on their subordinates. In the process the juniors feel inspired and motivated to attain the post of a manager, in the subsequent year.

Our team is a small family which enables us to broaden our work areas, no one is confined to one particular task. We switch our roles after every four months, thereby getting to know the functioning of the enterprise well as well as working with new team members. And believe it or not, all of us have been a part of the Fundraising Event at some time or the other!

Participating in the Fundraising Events is what keeps us moving and our biggest motivation!

Our team is always open for reviews and feedbacks, positive feedback makes us happy and encourages us to achieve more while negative feedback inspires us to work hard and make efforts to remove the pitfalls.

Our greatest motivation as a team was when one of our customers (Mr. Praveen Singh Mandloi), a parent who has a big farmland placed an order of 500 kg of compost in the month of April 2017. It was such a happy moment for all of us that we are motivated even now thinking about that order.

Jayanthi Bhutdha, Sales & Marketing Manager conversing with Mr. Praveen Singh Mandoli

Lastly, support from the school, teachers and family motivates all of us to actively participate in the enterprise.

To fight the ups and downs, we are a family’

As a business team we had a low morale when few of our parents, our major customer group,questioned us about the utilization of the profits. They wanted to know how we were using the profits for a noble cause. Even though we mentioned all the details, one of them did not seem to be satisfied. After a brainstorming session, we realized we needed to act fast and sooner the better. We decided to have an Orientation Session for the parents of each class on the day of the annual result apprising them about our enterprise and how we use the profits through a power point presentation, a video and a talk. We felt satisfied when some of the parents told us that it was wonderful to know about the achievements of the school, our Lead teacher and the way we were using the profits!!That was our biggest motivation!

Purva Bhardwaj
Production Manager
Grade 12 F


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