Posted by : Choithram School Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Art & Craft Activities

Grade 6

Students of grade 6 decorated dry leaves dried out fallen leaves from the school campus unleashing their creative thoughts on a natural canvas. The students collected leaves looking for their unusual shapes and painted them golden with spray paints to make the leaves look beautiful and bring the beauty of the season into our living spaces. Experimenting with golden colourswas fun and pretty excellent for creating art masterpieces, unique eco gifts and home decorations.

Grade 7
Students of grade 7 portrayed their creativity and made attractive pen stands by using the waste materials like worn out square sized boxes and cardboards. The students wrapped them neatly with jute cloth and decorated with waste little decorative things like beads, sponge pieces and sparkles etc. It could be stacked up with theirfavourite pens and pencils to grab the attention of study tables.

Grade 8
Students of grade 8 unveiled their artistry and made wonderful vintage key chain holders to support the keys using wooden cutouts and worn out letter blocks. They used ceramic cones, iron holders and mounted small hooks to make the holder and decorated it with beads, glitters. They stuck hangings at the back for a better grip to make it handy. It has double functions as it looks startling on the wall, replacing any painting or artwork beautifully, but holding the keys as well. 

Grade 9
Students of grade 9 made beautiful cup candles by bringing old tea cups from home.  They heated the wax in a container and put it along with a wick in the cup. The vintage tea cup candle could be used for a gift on any occasion.

Grade 10
Students of grade 10 made oil and acrylic paintings on an open theme. They showcased still life, abstract, modern and figurative paintings. The students showcased their aesthetic ability wherein the beautiful combination of colours and relevant background brought life to the creative art.

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