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Skype Session With Kulachi Hansraj Model School, New Delhi (India)

After a successful skype session with M. L. Khanna D.A.V. school, New Delhiwe decided to have more skype sessions for the growth of multipleschool based businesses. Our next skype session was with the 2014 global winner KulachiHansraj Model School on October 25, 2018.The session was organized under the guidance of Lead Teachers of School Enterprise of both schools, viz., Ms.Raminder Mac of our school and Ms. Rashmi Kathuriaof KulachiHansraj Model School. The session began with both schools briefing each other about their businesses where we got to know that:
1. This is the fifth year of their enterprise ‘Udaan Creating Identity, a Kulachi Enterprise’
2. They have four businesses which are Udaan Food, Udaan Fun Zone for Kids, Udaan Handicrafts and Udaan Planet.
3. Currently they are working on the gold level.

After this they initiated the question answer session. The first question dealt with what how do we promote our enterprise which was answered by Nikita Soni. She enumerated about the SEC blog, url of which is, the Facebook page of the school, url of which is WebChoithram and our Instagram page,url of which is growth_ the color group through which the students promote cups, Tshirts, bottles and keychains. In response to their query about the challenges that we face in our business, Nikita answered that sometimes it is the parents’ enquiries about how we use the profits and other times it is the products that are not very neatly and meticulously made as they are students’ creations. Also apart from selling Tshirts, cups, bottles, keychains outside the school we have all the other fundraising events in the school.

Kavyaenquired from them how they solve the problem of leftover stock for which they answered that they resell the leftover stock. Regarding her second enquiry about tacklingof leftover food and its spoilage, they answered that they donate the leftover food stock left to people in the nearby slums which was really appreciated by our team members. They showed us some of their handicrafts which were liked by all of us.  IshikaWadhwani suggested to them to use paper bags for packing instead of the polythene they were using as it was not eco-friendly. They really appreciated her suggestion and said they would keep it in mind in future. Lastly Ms. Rashmi Kathuriaproposed to Ms. Raminder Mac the idea of an online event where both the schools collaborate to organize an interschool event for business ideas and expansion through the platform of School Enterprise Challenge.

The team of KulachiHansrajhad an edge over us in producing more variety of products, selling beyond the school and organizing frequent fundraising events which encouraged us to take up greater challenges and expand our business.We had an edge over them in keeping our prices low and keeping our products 100% eco-friendly and polythene free. At present we organize our sales beyond the school only for Tshirts, cups, bottles and keychains and are in constant touch with a supplier.

Such skype sessions not only help in growth of the business by diversification and learning from each other but also help in the development of the students through enhancement of their confidence, communication skills and entrepreneurial skills. We look forward to more sessions in the future for mutual excellence.

Nikita Soni
Grade 12 F

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