Posted by : Choithram School Monday, 14 January 2019

To explore different methodologies in the process of teaching and learning and to foster understanding of a different culture, Mr. Lander Gaztelumendi SM of Santa MarĂ­a Del Pilar High School, Marianistas, Spain visited Choithram School, Indore January 7 to 10, 2019.  During his visit, he interacted with grade 12 students of the business team of School Enterprise Challenge. The students shared about their business enterprise run under the banner of ‘Good Earth’ and how the enterprise was equipping them with 21st century skills. They also apprised him about the campus company of Choithram School wherein the students contact a supplier for customized T-shirts and key chains and sell these products during the Fundraising Events and through their Instagram Page. Mr. Lander questioned the students thoroughly about their business to observe the impact of the business on their entrepreneurial competency development. He called it a ‘wonderful session’ and is keen to start this venture in his school to supplement practical knowledge with theoretical knowledge.

Raminder Mac
Lead Teacher
‘Good Earth’ Enterprise 

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