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Selling CBSE-i Handicrafts

The ‘School Enterprise Challenge’, an initiative of UK based NGO ‘Teach a Man to Fish’ organization is an excellent platform to enhance entrepreneurial skills of the students.
On August 22, 2015 during the PTM of grade 1 to 8 students of CBSE-i (International Curriculum) we sold handicraft items made by the students of these classes to parents and teachers.  A mélange of eye catching handicrafts prepared by the students during their Visual Art periods from recycled and waste material lying in the school and at home were displayed for sale.  We sold the items at nominal prices ranging from Rs. 10 to Rs. 20. Eight students of grade 11 and 12 of the business team along with 16 grade 8 students of CBSE-i were involved in selling of these products, bringing their communication skills, convincing power and sales strategies to fore.
The products made by various classes were:
Flowers - Grade 1
Book Marks - Grade 2
Torans and Paper Bags – Grade 3
Envelopes, Greeting Cards, Paper Weights - Grade 4
Wall Hangings, Toys, Envelopes – Grade 5
Hand bags, Mandanas (wall paintings), Mobile Stands, Pen Stands, Flower Pots, Wall Hangings - Grade 6
Wooden Cut-out Decoration, Bags – Grade 7
Jute Painting, Lord Ganesha Idols – Grade 8

Ms. Charlotte Harris, Head Teacher, Stoke Row C. E. Primary School, Oxfordshire, UK (our partner school) and Ms. Gillian Fraser, Global Citizenship Co-ordinator of the same school were the guests of honour for the fundraising event.They were impressed with the aesthetic ability of the students in creating the products along with the convincing power of the students in marketing their products.

We got the first hand exposure of running a business enterprise independently and how to deal with different kinds of customers.  Till now we were just gaining theoretical knowledge but now we are learning the practical experience of what a business actually is! We would continue to expand our business and I would like to appreciate the efforts made by our school for giving us this exposure.

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